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About Sharkservation...

We are a shark and marine conservation project organisation dedicated to promoting conservation, educating on the issues facing our oceans and marine life, and connecting volunteers with the best projects around the world. Sharks are particularly important to us and the projects we offer reflect that! We are run by shark and marine life lovers who also volunteer and are passionate about conservation. You can follow us on social media to learn about current conservation issues and see what our volunteers experience on the projects! What do we offer? If you are passionate about sharks or other marine life and want to volunteer, we provide information and bookings for projects, getting you out there in the field to experience the marine world and do your part for conservation. These projects are perfect for anyone wanting to take on a new challenge, follow a lifelong dream or even carry out research for a university study! We can even help you to organise and prepare for the experience, and offer tips to help you raise funds for your trip. Feel free to contact us for further information or if you are interested in volunteering!

  • Welcome to our first newsletter!   Here’s what is included this month…       Intern of the Month  –  Chelsea Gray   Taking a big leap into the world of Shark Conservation, future intern Chelsea Gray is our Sharkservation feature of the month! Chelsea will be on the White Shark Eco Program during the months […]

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